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Are You Looking for the One Cause of Your Fibromyalgia?

You’re not sure what’s causing your fibromyalgia, but it must be something, right? You were doing just fine before it came along, and now it’s affecting your life in ways you’d prefer not to think about, from your day-to-day life to your relationships with your family and friends.

And more than anything, you want to find out what caused you to develop fibromyalgia and find a solution that will help you get your health back quickly. Perhaps it was stress. So maybe more massage or meditation would help. Or could it be toxins? If so, you might be thinking which detox diet would be best. Or maybe you just need a different medication to live more comfortably on your off-days and to make your time at the office easier. 

If only you could find the ONE thing that makes a real difference.


Well, here’s the important news: it’s focusing on finding just one cause that often holds people with fibromyalgia back the most.

Could this be holding you back right now from experiencing the good health you deserve?

The Dangers of Focusing On One Cause

Focusing on one cause can be dangerous. Why? Well, from my experience, if you focus on finding and solving just one trigger or cause, it’s easy to miss others that could have an even greater effect on your health.

This can lead to going around in circles, prolonging the pain and never getting well. And that’s frustrating.

It also often leads to feeling like there’s no hope, which may affect your motivation to get well, for life, which could lead to mental health issues such as depression, anxiety. Up to 80% of people with fibro have problems with anxiety, and up to 64% experience depression. That’s not surprising, considering how few people know about the natural solutions that work and the nature of the illness.

I don’t want this for you! 

The Good News!

The good news is that your situation could be much less complex than you think. The most common root causes of fibromyalgia fall into just four categories:

  1. Bugs
  2. Drugs
  3. Environmental toxins, and
  4. Sress

In my case, it was the viral infections EBV and HHV6, mycotoxins, genetic polymorphisms that were impacting my detoxification pathways, chronic stress and physical trauma. I had also gone through various hormonal changes after having children.

Curious to find out which of the most common root causes are behind your fibromyalgia? If so, schedule a call so we can chat about your situation as soon as possible. I make my rates affordable so you can access the science-backed, natural solutions that have worked so well for me (I went from struggling to walk to regularly doing CrossFit). Schedule a call today to find out how we could do the same for you.

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